St. Petersburg Russia – Hermitage Museum (March 7th)

Wr went to the Hermitage Museum which is the 2nd largest art museum in the world.  The complex includes the Winter Palace.

A portion of the museum includes portions of the Winter Palace which was the residence of the Russian Emperors from 1732 until the Russian Revolution in 1917 (which occurred in a part of the current museum).  One of the best known rooms is the malachite drawing room.

The museum is a very eclectic collection and some highlights include an 18th century peacock clock

and a collection of armor

We had a chance to see a young budding artist and Russian soldiers.

Obviously we also saw art – lots and lots of art!  We ended our day by going to the Hermitage Theater which is located in the Winter Palace.  We took in the Nutcracker ballet.The ballet premiered in St. Petersburg in 1892.  The theater itself is relatively small and there were quite a few families in attendance.