Lapland Deux Day 2: NORTHERN LIGHTS

About midnight Friday (FEB 28th) night the aurora became visible directly overhead.  Although the colors we could see remained mostly white with hints of green – the aurora display was remarkable.  We could see the way the ribbons ‘dance’ in the sky.  We went outside anticipating that the aurora might prove short lived but instead we were treated to a two-hour light show.  The only problem was in our rush to get outside we didn’t fully prepare for two hours on a frozen lake at -5°F.  Despite the cold we did not want to head in to shelter (cold toes be damned).  Finally, the light show began to end about 2 am.  It was the first time that the camera was unable to capture what we could easily see with the naked eye.

Aurora 2 Nellim Finland

Nellim Finland

Aurora 1 Nellim

Nellim Finland Aurora FEB 28th