Lapland Deux – Last Day (March 1)

As you might appreciate we fell behind with the blog for a while.

Our last day in Lapland was spent going on another dog sled ride. Most of the ride was on Lake Inari which is the largest lake in the Lapland region and the third largest lake in Finland.

Dave did most of the mushing this time – and the weather was colder than the first time we went dog sledding.

The dog’s whiskers were developing icicles – but it did not diminish their enthusiasm.

The sleds used five dog teams (versus 6) and according to the guide we covered about 15 km or so.  Each team will run twice a day when working.  Interacting with the dogs remains a highlight for our trip to Lapland.

We had a few hours afterwards before our flight home so we decided to go for a walk on Lake Inari.  One of the uses of the lake is as a snowmobile trail.  Nuorgam is the most northern ‘city’ in the European Union and is only 5 or so miles away from the Arctic Ocean.

Lake Inari March 1, 2020 (Finland)

After our walk we needed to head to the Ivalo airport and then on to Helsinki and then backtrack to Kuopio. The Ivalo airport has a single terminal.